REDKEN Shamp & Co Review:

Shampoo- £10.07
Conditioner- £11.39
Purchased via Trade Secret

This is a follow up from my Sunday treat post, I said after using these products for a while I would give my first proper product review. I know these are expensive products for a students financial situation but I really think spending money on luxury products is good for you once in a while!
Small history on my hair: I only have to wash my hair about two times a week, as it doesn't get greasy until I use a lot of product. This I found has really helped contribute to the condition and FINALLY growth of my hair. As washing your hair every day really isn't good for it, as your hair produces natural oils that help with the condition.
I am a great lover of luxury shampoo's and from my days of being a salon saturday girl, I have adored the REDKEN products. I purchased the Smooth Down shampoo, with the Smooth Lock conditioner, as after explaining the long winded story of my hair history, this is what the sales assistant recommended.
In all honesty (no offence to the sales man) I wish I did my research alone, and chose perhaps a different formula from this particular brand.
I have found this shampoo makes my hair greasy just after two days. After a bit of experimenting I have found that if I let my hair dry naturally after using these products it already feels a little unclean and dirty, but if I blow dry my hair and style it from wet, my hair feels like i've been to a salon.
Unfortunately i'm a night shower-er so it's not always practical to get the hair dryer out at 11pm whilst everyone else is sleeping!
Overall I think this a "Special Occasion" shampoo, something to use if I know i'm going out and want salon bouncy hair, but not a staple product. I am really disappointed because I finally thought I may of found my forever buy Shamp & Co combination. Sadly my quest continues...
Do you have an always buy Shamp & Co combination? I would really love some recommendations!

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  1. Wow this is a really great review. I totally recommend doing research before buying products. My mother is a hairdresser, so she is always spot on regarding what my hair needs- and she adapts it depending on how my texture has changed over the years. Hormones.... -_-