Payday Wants #1

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Not to put a downer on this summer, but I'm already thinking about the autumn! And this year I think they've really put an edgy side onto the warm and cosy!

Item 1: River island Leather Jacket. I've tried this on about a million times in store, and either don't have the money or need the £60 for something else, but I can no longer resist this jacket next pay day this is a most definite! The leather is quite thin so it's not really going to be a warm jacket, so this is wear the MissSelfridge Jumper comes into play, its a quite expensive £37 just to go with a jacket, but I think wooly jumpers are a great investment for the winter/autumn seasons! The Topshop Boots are an unneeded buy and a heartbreaking £78 but as I only have black boots I'm convincing myself I need an alternate colour! The KG wedges are not need at all, as I own about 5 Black wedged shoes but there so pretty with all the lace detail! And finally the little Buddha neckless it's so pretty and I adore Buddha's but once again for such a small thing its £48!

Is it just me, or are any of you scanning the stores for your autumn collection?